Michael Robinson is the creator of The Custody Minefield, an information resource for separating parents and the extended family. The Custody Minefield is the most visited website on the internet on matters related to leave to remove, internal relocation and shared residence. The Custody Minefield provides legal advice and assistance to individuals and members of charities and was recommended by The Times in 2008. In the year to August 2010, we have provided information to more than 50,000 parents.

The Custody Minefield self-help guide for separating parents was recommended by the Magistrates Association in 2007 and was endorsed by the Divisional Chair of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.



The Find Savanah-Jade campaign strongly supports the Relocation and Leave to Remove Campaign. It is our view that the welfare of the child is not currently being taken sufficiently into account in such cases. It seems simply obvious to us that serious academic research into the effects of relocation on a child should carry considerably more weight than arbitrary judicial opinion.

The Find Savanah-Jade Campaign seeks to re-establish contact between Steve Moseley and his daughter Savanah-Jade Dawson, whose mother, Fiona Gray (nee Dawson) emigrated to Australia with her in 2007. Despite her assurance in a UK court that she would help Savanah maintain contact with her father, Fiona Gray has broken all contact and Steve has not heard from his daughter since September 2007. The campaign enjoys the support of approximately 25,000 members. Fantastic news... after 5 years, they're back in touch! www.savanah-jade.org


Families need Fathers is happy to support the ‘Relocation and Leave to Remove Campaign’ by the Custody Minefield. Allowing children to be too easily removed from a loving parent and wider family needs to end,  to reflect parenting in the twenty first century and to help make the law truly in the best interests of the child.Craig Pickering, CEO.

Families Need Fathers is a social care organisation, helping parents whose children's relationship with them is under threat. We offer  information, advice and support services for  parents on how to do the best for their children. We are the only organisation that provides these services on a national basis. www.fnf.org.uk



' JUMP supports the campaign initiated by The Custody Minefield to re-evaluate and reconsider a new legal approach to addressing child and parent related issues impacting on relocation and leave to remove.'

JUMP campaigns for Improved Relationships Between Divorced Parents & Their Children in the Jewish Community, as well as Nationally and Internationally. www.jump-parenting.org.uk

 The Equal Parenting Alliance stands squarely behind The Custody Minefield's Report. Family Courts have turned the Children Act into a tool which makes the welfare of the resident parent paramount, rather than the welfare of the child. How refreshing to see this exposed so clearly and irrefutably. www.equalparentingalliance.com

 I am speaking on behalf of the members of Grandparents as parents (Gap).  Gap is a campaign and support group for grandparents who look after their grandchildren on a full time basis full, due to either the death of a parent or the parents’ alcohol / drug dependency. We have a membership of nearly two thousand and many hundreds of supporters, We at gap support the relocation campaign whole heartedly, as many of our members and supporters have  lost contact with their grandchildren due to one of the partners of a broken relationship relocating;

When children relocate, often they lose all contact with their paternal, and sometimes both sets of grandparents. The heartbreak that relocation does, to not just the parent that is left behind, but the grandparents that are also distanced from their grandchildren, is at the very least upsetting, and is not in the best interests of the child/ren. 

Some of our grandparents have been really close to their grandchildren, babysitting, being involved in their day to day care, seeing them on a regular basis etc, only to find that due to separation/divorce etc that their beloved grandchildren are removed far from their reach. I have had numerous letters and emails from grandparents whose very lives have been torn apart, just as the family’s has been, due to one partner relocating, more so if it is the paternal grandparents, as some mothers (after a separation or divorce) want to distance themselves as far away as they can from their ex husbands/partners and their family. 

If such separation occurs the only loser is the child or children who needs to be have contact with all members of his/her family and their love and support. www.grandparentsasparents.org.uk

                                                                                                  Signed Linda McEvilly (founder of gap 2002)